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5 ways to make the most of your career fair experience

5 ways to make the most of your career fair experience Share Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via Google PlusShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Whether youre seeking your first internship or need to secure your post-graduation plans, attending a campus career fair is a great place to start Most positions are filled from networking opportunities like career fairs, so dont miss your chance to make a big impression.Here are five quick tips to help you feel prepared and make the most of the upcoming career fair.Do your research.You can see a list of employers who plan to attend the career fair onHandshake. Make a list of employers youd like to speak with and familiarize yourself with their products, services, and recent news.Dress to impress.Put your best foot forward by dressing professionally. Aside from your resume, your appearance is the recruiters first impression of you. Your job fair attire should support your image as a professional who takes the job search serio usly and understands the nature of the industry you want to work in.Nowadays, the term business professional means something different for every industry. As for students seeking their first job or internship, it is better to dress mora professionally than to be too casual.Most employers do not expect you to wear a full suit. Nice pants and a button-down shirt, blouse or sweater are fine. Show that youve made an effort to look nice and want to make a good impression. Wear nice, comfortable shoes. Avoid too-tightclothes and overly bright colors with distracting designs.Visit Career Services on Pinterestto get someprofessional style inspiration.Come prepared.Career fairs are open to bothcurrent students and alumni, so be sure to bring your Buff OneCard for entry. You should also bring multiple copies of your resumesome employers ask youto apply online, but having a paper copy to hand them while you talk can be helpfulas well aspen and paper to take notes after youve spoken.A bag drop will not be available at the fair, so do not bring a backpack. Asmall carrying bag or portfolio is all you need. Avoid takingcalls ortextsor being on social media while at a potential employers booth. Cell phones should be off or on vibrate.Practice your pitch.Practice introducing yourself and letting employers know what youre looking for. Start by stating your name, year in school, major or area of interest and talk about some relevant skills or experiences. Ask questions to start the conversation with the employer.Follow up.If you received a business card or contact information from a company representative, send them an email. Reintroduce yourself (they meet a lot of students) and thank them for their time.Check our events calendarto see if they will be on campus for another event to further connect.CategoriesCareer AdviceTagsCareer FairsFeature Article

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Why People Arent Talking About How to Write Resume

Why People Arent Talking About How to Write Resume The War Against How to Write Resume Regardless of what engineering track youre on, your cover letter should highlight problem solving skills and the ability to fulfill quality standards. You can give a brief summary on the way the whole project was handled from beginning to schliff like your delivery timeframe. You may also have certain examples of accomplishments, activities or projects which are part of your work history. Before starting writing your resume, consider your work history and note your achievements and abilities. Using bullets points in your resume is quite an effective method to grab the attention and difficult to miss. There are two major kinds of resumes. Youre attempting to convince people you really need the job. Even though most individuals assume youre applying for at least 1 job at a moment, it is a fantastic idea not to act as if you are. Whether you would like to receive a job in nursing, dentistr y, or pharmaceuticals, weve got a sample that is applicable to your career path. Prepare one resume for each sort of job. Its difficult to do that if they know youre searching for different jobs too. Of course if youre asking for a particular job, its simple enough to amend a resume to incorporate an objective that matches the work description. Your letter should incorporate a succinct summary that fits with your abilities and experiences to the work description. Appropriate formatting of the work description Formatting pays an important function. You may also use a template to make your personalized resumes and letters. How to Write Resume Features The Interactive Resume resource consists of a sample resume on which youll be able to click each section to find out more about different sections of the resume and the way to compose each section of the resume. Your resume should incorporate unterstellung sections. Therefore, writing a good resume ought to be deemed as writing a bit of marketing paper with the aim of selling yourself to the employer. Your cover letter should demonstrate you know what the job involves and what the organisation is searching for. Whether youre just starting your career for a librarian or are searching for a senior position, weve got a sample that can help you tailor your own cover letter. When you have finished the rough draft of your cover letter, you should read it a couple of occasions and make certain that everything appears okay. At the beginning of your cover letter you have to explain which job youre applying for.

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The Do This, Get That Guide On Uptowork Resume

The Do This, Get That Guide On Uptowork Resume The Dirty Truth About Uptowork Resume The good thing is that the best resume writers arent necessarily the costliest ones. There are a lot of free creative resume schablones youre able to use, enabling you to focus your energy on everything else you should do. Dont hesitate to apply in the event that you just have time to deliver a few resumes each week, Im really searching for anyone who can take a number of the workload. You may find several great resume templates, but youll have to decide if theyre likely to help or hurt your likelihood of landing an interview. Uptowork Resume the Ultimate Convenience Employing a resume template for Word can help save you time and provide your CV that professional element that will allow it to be simpler to get a call for a work interview. You will be able to download your favourite template for a PDF at once, or youre able to download all your details so that youre able to edit them in Word o r Google Docs. A Resume Template is a very important document that is employed in the case when a man or an applicant is applying for employment, a volunteership, an internship, an educational course or another thing. Our PDF CV templates are created with the assistance of HR professionals. The CV format is standard and tasteful, but small icons add a wonderful creative touch. If it comes to CV, it must be professional. Rather than taking the danger of designing CV format yourself, it is preferable to download for sample CV collection. By way of example, CV for applying in an IT firm would differ from a CV to submit an application for an advertising company. The Appeal of Uptowork Resume Pick a specific position which you would love to submit an application for so you are going to be easily guided by what things to put in your resume. The link may also be shared with potential employers. If youre looking for a job and dont want your present employer to understand, its certai nly not the fruchtwein discreet choice. Zetys resume templates are made with the assistance of recruiters and adhere to the best practices in HR. Thus one can take advantage of a resume format. To have the ability to get an attractive format on your Resume Template Uptowork, you must make use of quite plenty of care, consideration to detail, and the proper formatting. There are assorted types of chronological formats offered and you ought to download freshers resume format templates to receive all the variations and select the very best. Therefore, for those who have a resume that isnt in an ATS-friendly format, it is probable you wont be contacted for an interview. Ceative Resume Templates must be drafted employing an official format and a professional tone. however, it might not be possible for every person to receive it right. All the templates are free. Employing a resume template is extremely useful in making your professional profile. It has become an acceptable and sm art practice for a number of reasons. The War Against Uptowork Resume A standard resume is generally the very best choice, but in the event the situation calls for it, take the chance to produce your creative resume stand out There are various types of CV possible based on the objective of its use and the expectation of the targeted audiences. Your work experiences are among the most vital contents of your resume. The work history can begin with the latest opportunity, and include up to five previous internship or employment experiences. With the most suitable look, youll greatly improve your likelihood of a new job. By checking out all features and services a business offers, were getting sufficient info to produce a conclusion on which are the best resume services that can enable you to get the job that you are applying for. Getting the most of a resource that wont only help save you time, but is demonstrated to elevate your odds of scoring a work simply is reasonable. Visu alizeMe is another intriguing alternative for job hunters trying to find a visual resume. Lots of people swear by LinkedIn, which likewise makes it effortless to attach with potential employers. In the event the hiring manager is impressed at first, theres a larger probability that youll be called for an interview. The very first issue is that a few of the skills should most likely be removed (nobody should know I can upload photos in iPhoto). A good way to receive a professional looking resume is with the assistance of Free Resume App.

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A Simplified Social Media Strategy for Your Business

A Simplified Social Media Strategy for Your BusinessA Simplified Social Media Strategy for Your BusinessA Simplified Social Media Strategy for Your Business ConlanIf youre looking for top candidates to help grow your business, social recruiting is key. While social media platforms are increasingly one of the best ways to find them, these platforms can help simplify your social media strategy.According to the Pew Research Center, mora than a third of people who use social media have used it to look for or research jobs, while more than 20% have applied for a job they learned about through social media. Its a great way to get your message directly to top candidates, if you do it right.Social media is a great recruiting tool because it is so widely used and can serve as a low-cost resource for small businesses, says Amanda Florentine, people operations coordinator at Atlanta-based Kabbage, which provides small-business loans. Companies are better able to share both their job openings an d their culture with prospective candidates thanks to social media.Even better your social media strategy can be both talent-focused and customer-focused. Heres how to do it at your company.Pick Your PlatformIts tempting to want to cast as wide a net as possible. Think again, saysBrooke Zambroski, former social media specialist at Monster. Zambroskisays its important not to spread yourself too thin.Trying to be everywhere on social media often means you dont succeed anywhere, she says. Instead, get to know each platform and determine which is the best fit.If your business is visual, stick to Instagram as your main channel, Zambroski says. If you have lots of customer requests, be on Twitter. If you are part of a small community, sometimes Facebook makes sense.Zambroski says has found that job seekers are on Facebook after work and during lunchtime. Sometimes we can get their attention during their morning commute as well on Twitter, she says. Instagram is purely visual, so regardle ss of when you post, you need a captivating image to be thumb-stopping. Bold colors and peoples faces and short videos of cool processes think cake frosting or assembly lines typically perform well too.And no matter what platform you choose, make sure the links back to your job postings are optimized for mobile recruiting, Zambroski says.Most people access social media from their phones, so taking them somewhere thats hard to click through will lose them as a job candidate.Highlight Your Unique PropositionSocial media platforms are crowded. To be noticed, you need to make a quick case about what makes your organization special.Be very clear with who you are as a business, what your business does and how your company adds value to its social media viewers, says Wade Pierson, owner of Impact Talent Ventures, a talent-management firm in Medford Township, New Jersey.To attract the kindof followers who are interested in working for you, Pierson suggests building a consistent employer b rand message around your company mission, niche and company culture. With every job description, include clear instructions on how to further engage with the company, he adds, whether its to comment, ask a question or apply for a job.Leverage Your Current EmployeesYour employees have friends people who are similar to them and who may be a good fit for your company. And chances are your employees are connected to those friends on social media, and those friends have an audience as well. Making it easy for your employees to share information about jobs at your company will help reach a targeted audience of possible candidates and boost your companys recruiting results.Theres no magic here other than an internal campaign to encourage your employees to share the social job postings often, and make it easy for them to do so, says Fletcher Wimbush, CEO of The Hire Talent in Brea, California. Wimbush recommends emailing employees periodically with a shareable link to current openings and a reminder to share with their friends.Provide More than Job OpportunitiesSharing your job openings all the time can turn a social channel into a job board, and that takes away the point of social media sharing and conversation. Create a social media strategy thats interesting enough for people to come back often. Post original content and expert information that engages readers, Pierson says.You want to post about 80% quality information, statistics and facts, and only about 20% of your posts should be about job openings, Pierson says. You dont want to make your social media presence an ongoing infomercial about your business and how great it is. The key is to keep them coming back, as they are learning industry skills and information via your posts.Think of Customers as Candidates, and Vice-VersaSocial media can help you do more than recruit candidates it can help lure customers as well. With a strong enough social employer brand, you can grow your audience and even turn people who are already employed into prospective candidates down the line.Attracting customers and employees uses a lot of the same tactics, Zambroski says. Be authentic and show what makes you different. So if youre taking the time to build an employer brand, you are giving a sneak peek into your small business, she says. This helps customers trust you more and see you as human rather than a faceless company.The same principle works in opposite, adds Zambroski. If someone likes you enough to follow you on social media, they are more likely to want to work for you. They know your name already and made an effort to connect. All you have to do is let them know youre hiring.

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Why the Tech Skills Gap Is an Opportunity for Those Willing to LearnĂ‚ 

Why the Tech Skills Gap Is an Opportunity for Those Willing to Learn Why the Tech Skills Gap Is an Opportunity for Those Willing to Learn But itsnot all doom and gloom the job opportunities are therefor those who are willing to train in sought-after skills like Web development and UX design.Sypros Fotiou is one of the new generation of DIY career-builders who recognized the tech skills eu-agrarpolitik and saw an opportunity for a career change. One of CareerFoundrys recent success stories, Spyros had been unemployed for some time, despite having racked up the hours studying electrical and computer engineering at university. All of the jobs he wanted to apply torequired skills he didnt specifically have. He weighed his options and decided his best option was to sign up for tech boot camp. In just a few months, Spyros had completed CareerFoundrys Web development coursebefore he knew it, he had become a busy freelance programmer.Society as a whole dependsmora and mora on technology in every aspect of life fromstudying to working, leisure timeto socializing which means the variety of jobs available to those in the know isalmost limitless. The jobs arent confined to the tech industry alone every industry is crying out for talented techies, from the sciences to the arts, retail to business.Every industry now relies on technology more than ever before, and this reliance is only growing. Programmer Spyros Fotiou hard at workIt has become the role of tech boot camps and online educators who have stepped in where universities and schools have failed to teach skills to a generation that isstruggling to find work in this creative, challenging, and lucrative industry.Where Can You Learn?There are numerous online and offline options for those who are willing to grasp this opportunity with both hands. For those without the access or financial support to attend an offline coding school, the Internet offers many online options,both paid and free.OfflineIf techis a total c areer change for you, a good way to start is to look out for upcoming tech events in your area. Hackathonsare happening all over the world every week, and they are worth checking out to see whats involved and what aspects of development and design might be of interest to you. Local and global tech conferences such as Campus Partyalso usually have free codingworkshops to give people a taste of whats involved. Volunteering at the event usually gets you a free access pass to all areas This is a great way to see whats going on in the industry and rub shoulders with some of techs brightest stars.Theres a whole other article to be written about women in code, but in the meantime, check out nonprofit organization Rails Girl,whichoffers free Ruby on Rails workshops across the globe with the sole purpose of getting more women into tech.General Assembly is an offline coding school that immerses students in technology from day one, with programming experts teaching and supporting eachclass.Onl ineMany online platforms will offer ashort courseas a free sample to give you a taste of their learning options. There are also numerous websites likeCodecademy and Coursera, which offer free Web-based tutorials to get you started on the path to your new career. If that doesnt suit you, there are dozens of free apps you can download that will help you practice new skillson your phone, on the train, and on your way to what will soon be your old job.CareerFoundry is an immersive program that offers comprehensive online training in Web development and UX Design. Students can learn at their own pace and from whatever location they choose. Importantly, CareerFoundryaims to get people jobs, so students are mentored throughout the program to create a portfolio project that becomes their first work sample as theylaunch theirnew has been around for almost twenty years and offers thousands of courses to millions of users. Fees are paid monthly and give you access to alibrary of online courses that covers software design, programming languages, game design, and more.As you are learning the skills and once you have completed the training you will inevitably discover that the tech community is a very active and engaged crowd of people. There are regular eventsin big cities and small towns across the globe every single day. There are always enthusiastic programmers, designers, and general tech heads that will be more than happy to chat with you about the learning process, career opportunities, or just cool tech stuff in general.Ifyou have even the slightest interest in tech or if youhave had any doubts about your current career now is as good a time as ever to start changing your plans. In just a few months you could have a brand new career and belong to a new exciting community that will carry you effortlessly into the future. As long as the tech skills gap exists, learning opportunities will continue to flourish and a new career in tech will be yours for the taking.

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How to Include Numbers in a Resume

How to Include Numbers in a ResumeHow to Include Numbers in a ResumeWant to get the hiring managers attention? When youre working in a job where your achievements are quantified, including numbers on your resume is the best way to get your application elendiced. For example, if youre in sales, listing how you exceeded your goals is a sure-fire way to impress a prospective employer. Showing what you achieved in a quantifiable way is important for other types of jobs, as well. Even if you arent in a role where you are evaluated on your quantifiable achievements, numbers on your resume can help you get the interview. Why? Because incorporating numbers into your resume shows employers, at a glance, what you have accomplished at work. Its one thing to say that youre good at your job. Its another thing to demonstrate that you can accomplish your goals and exceed expectations. Its All in the Numbers Adding numbers to your resume is a great way to prove to employers that you have legitim ate accomplishments in your work history.Of course, not all of your achievements will be quantifiable, but many of them will be. Your goal is to figure out which numbers are the most crucial to your success and the best language to use in order to frame your achievements. Tips for Including Numbers on Your Resume Whats the best way to include numbers on your resume? Start by identifying any outcomes for your team that would be considered key indicators of success. Ask yourself what the bottom-line considerations are for your department. (Not sure? Ask your colleagues for their insight. They might have an entirely different perspective to offer.) For example, your departments success might be measured by one or more of the following factors New clients acquiredSales revenueCost reductionCost savingsIncrease in page viewsIncrease in profitsIncrease in user engagementLevel of donationsNumber of cases closedClient retentionCustomer ratingsCustomer satisfactionComplaints resolvedBill able hoursNumber of safety violationsAudit findingsReduction in overtime costsRetention of employeesLoss prevention reductionStaff moraleCredentials of a class of recruitsTest scores by studentsResponse time Next, select the bottom-line areas that are most impacted by your individual work. Quantify the change over time resulting from your actions. Establish a baseline for any of the indicators that you have chosen. The baseline might be tied to the calendar such as the beginning of the year or a geschftsleben quarter. If you have implemented a new initiative, then the baseline would be the state of things right before that activity began. Use Action Words Select action words which imply change to start out your phrases like increased, reduced, enhanced, expanded, eliminated, added, compressed, minimized, pruned, lessened, shrunk, downsized, augmented, grew, elevated, enlarged, diminished or shortened. (Need more examples? Heres a list of action words to get you started.) How to Quantify the Change Quantify the change by selecting a figure to represent the change that you have helped to generate.For example Shortened wait time for new customers by 20%Increased billable hours in the third quarter by 15% If you have trouble assigning an exact number, then you might use some language that frames the change as an approximation or range. For example Increased test scores by at least 10 pointsIncreased test scores by 10-20 points Include How You Got the Results Include some reference to how you were able to generate the results that you are quantifying to increase the impact of your statements. For example Increased sales by 15% after implementing a referral incentive programElevated the average customer rating from 4.0 to 4.5 after instituting a new customer service training program More Options for Including Numbers on a Resume Another way to incorporate numbers into your resume is to represent the magnitude of your output or responsibilities regard less of whether you can cite a change in key indicators. For example Generated an average of 110 billable hours each month over the first six months of the yearTaught mathematics to over 120 sixth-grade students including 12 students who had been diagnosed with learning disabilities You may include numerical indicators of commitment to your work if you are willing to perpetuate that pattern with a new employer. For example, you could say Worked 17 consecutive days to complete project on time and under budgetWorked an average of 55 hours a week to complete the audit before the end of the year Back Up Your Resume With Facts Make sure the numbers that you incorporate into your resume are accurate and will be supported by your references. Share your resume with references so they are aware of your specific assertions. Save any documents like performance appraisals or sales reports that confirm your numbers.

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What Happens When You Foster Friendship at Workplace

What Happens When You Foster Friendship at WorkplaceWhat Happens When You Foster Friendship at WorkplaceThe American Time Use survey found out that employed people spend more time working than sleeping. Well, that might come as no surprise.But whats interesting is that given all that time spent in close proximity to colleagues, US employees are less likely to have friends at work now than in years past. As Adam Grantnoted in his columninthe New York Times, work used to be a major source of friendshipsWe took our families to company picnics and invited our colleagues over for dinner. Now, work is a more transactional place. We go to the office to be efficient, not to form bonds. We have plenty of productive conversations but fewer meaningful relationships.And thats a great pity, actually. Numbers show that strong social connections in the workplace have the potential to boost productivity. Also, friendship at workplace can make employees more passionate about their work and less likel y to quit their jobs.Workplace friendships for the winPeople love to have friends around most of the time, thats a no-brainer. But most companies still fail to harness the power of friendship in the workplace.There are several factors that indicate that having good relationships in the workplace are the key to employee happiness and productivity. Companies with staff who have a work best friend benefit from fewer safety incidents, more engaged customers and a boost in profits.When talking about workplace happiness, it all comes down to bonding and mutual trust.Harvard Business School Professor Teresa Amabile is the co-author of The Progress Principle who analysed 12,000 daily diary reports from 239 professionals working in innovation teams. She claims that people are more creative and productive when they experience more positive inner work life, including more positive emotions, stronger motivation toward the work itself and more positive perceptions of the organisation.Image Racon teurFostering that genuine rapport can be a challenge, though. This is especially the case in places where the process of making friends is not sttzeed. There are still too many leaders and managers who frown at chit-chat and shared lunch breaks and consider work friendships detrimental to productivity.Such an approach, however, is based on a misconception that has nothing to do with a healthy workplace of the 21st century. According to Gallup, camaraderie can pay great dividends as employees with a best friend at work were shown to be up to seven times as engaged as those without one. And work friendships are also crucial to meeting business objectives, too.Off-site retreats, social events, team projectsThere are many ways how companies can help their employees forge work friendships and develop strong relationships with those they work with. Off-site retreats and social events, along with work-focused activities such as team projects, are great catalysts for friendship. These are opportunities that allow people to share their personal story, preferred work style and unique individuality.Some companies encourage their teams to have a regular huddle with remote workers joining by Skype. Others support social activities such as yoga, pilates, pub clubs, festival events or company-funded lunches that create a welcoming atmosphere that can help forge meaningful and lasting work friendships.Having close relationships in which people care and trust each other enables them to work better and have that sense of team, which leads to getting things done in a more productive way, says Chess ICTs head of culture Ms Wood.Drawbacks and boundariesMost businesses are fast paced and dynamic, which involves extensive collaboration and communication. Social interaction plays a huge role to make teams happy and productive, too.However, friendships may sometimes turn into a chance for negative discussion, gripe sessions or even harmful cliques. This usually happens in companies w ithout a strong culture when social interaction is not part of a wider engagement strategy.Work friendships are indeed a mixed blessing. They sometimes lead to emotional exhaustion, despite enhancing job performance. Personal conflict can provoke further issues that have adverse impact on wider working relationships.Most experts agree that professional boundaries are still necessary. While social interaction at work promotes our well-being, companies do need to set clear expectations of behaviour in the workplace.Towards a healthier work culturePeople spend the majority of their time at work, so why miss the chance of providing them with the company of someone theyd be happy to call a friend? Camaraderie is a key ingredient to happiness at work for both male and female employees. It promotes a group loyalty that results in a shared commitment to and discipline toward the work.However, companies need to play an active part in creating a strategy that fosters work friendships. Only th en will relationships in the workplace have a chance to develop in a healthy and productive manner.Want to make some friends? Weve put together 15 useful networking pickup lines that will boost your confidence and turn random acquaintances into true friends.Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments